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Things to Do in: Mexico City

Your guides were TOTAL PROFESSIONALS! !!
Xochimilco And University City
This was one the best tours what I have been on. The leader had very good English and was able to explain many facts about both places. We did greatly appreciate that the leader did not ask for tips for him and the drivers. I don't mind tipping but asking for it is not good.
Teotihuacan Pyramids & Shrine Of Guadalupe Mexico City
Too much far away, distance travel and not much to see.
Cuernavaca And Taxco Tour
Mexico City is awesome, full of people and lots of stuff to do. I would recommend visiting to anyone in search for culture, entertainment and good food
Mexico City Tour
We loved Puebla and would have liked to spend more time exploring the colonial city. We didn't have as much time as we hoped because there was a delay in leaving Mexico City (due to having to wait for 2 group members) and because lunch took a lot of time (although it was optional we were taken to a restaurant and expected to eat). Cholula also good and the churches too. Guide was competent and knowledgeable. It was a very long day but worthwhile - we just recommend not waiting for guests who are late and allowing more options for lunch (including the option of not having lunch so as to see more of Puebla). We will recommend in future. P.S. The your didn't seem to be organised by Olympus as expected but ok just the same.
Puebla And Cholula Tour