Tours & Excursions in Los Cabos

There´s a huge amount of fun things to do in Los Cabos thanks to the amazing nature of Baja California which makes it one of the best playgrounds for grown ups in the world.

From scuba diving in the amazing Sea of Cortez to whale watching, skimming across the water on a wave runner and driving fast through sand dunes in the desert, Los Cabos excursions are never short on fun and adrenaline.

From early morning snorkeling at Lover´s Beach to a sunset cruise overlooking at the famous stone arch, or a daytrip to La Paz and Todos Santos, or maybe a late evening bar hopping, the sun, surf and fun are garanteed in Los Cabos tours.

Things to Do in: Los Cabos

The service provided by the staff in restaurants and hotels can have quite an impact on your trip. It’s always nice to know that there are employees who work hard to turn your Los Cabos excursion into a pleasant vacation. This is why tipping is not only important and polite, it’s also a great way to say thank you.

Whenever you go to a bar or a restaurant in Mexico it’s customary to tip 10% out of your total bill, especially if it’s somewhere local and not so prone to be visited by tourists. If you are not planning to leave the hotel, the tip might go up a bit. A 15% to a 20% is more common inside international resorts as a tip. But when it comes to housekeeping, hotels usually cover the charge for their service, if that is the case, you won’t need to tip, but a nice gesture might be leaving $2 to $3 US dollars per night or maybe even a small gift (nothing expensive) just to show how thankful you are for the service they’re providing to make your stay much more comfortable. And of course, don’t forget to tip your Los Cabos tour guides!

The dolphins were amazing of course but the experience was ok. The pictures were a rip off, 150.00 for unprofessional random pictures. Other places included it in package. It was rushed experience too
Swim with Dolphins - Royal Swim
The team and the guides were great. It was a good use of time and money. I wouldn't change a thing except tell people to carry water with them on for their breaks and add more computers for retrieving pictures. That process needs to be made more simple.
ATV single Migrino beach
This is a thrilling ride, I wouldn not recommend it for the faint hearted. The views from the ziplines are spectacular and the large zipline is scary but very fun! The guys working there were very patient to us and helped us having a great time.
Canopy Zip Lines
Best night ever! We had nothing to worry, just party hard! The best clubs in Cabo!
Party Hopper
This was a fun tour! Got to see lots of colorful fish and the ride on the Catamaran was awesome. Had a great time.
Snorkeling Fun Cruise With Lunch And Free Drinks
The most beautiful sunset is in Cabo! the place is awesome and the whole sail was great. Next time I'll do it again (and won't forget my sunglasses)
Sunset fajita dinner Cruise
It was great--very fun and enjoyable
Los Cabos Encounter with Lunch
Great leader
Todos Los Santos Magical Town Tour
Well organized tour.
Explore Los Cabos city tour (Full Tour)