Location: La Romana
Availability: Daily
Duration: 11.5 Hours
Adult From: $ 100 USD
Children From: $ 50 USD
Total reviews 2, average 4.50
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I really love the sand bar and island. I didn't like the speed boat so much. Too cramped and small. But the Catamaran ride back was nice. The crew was very energetic and fun. They help make the trip. Plus we had Carlos & Leo on another excursion, so we already knew them. That was cool to see them in another setting.

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This trip was amazing. We were 7 people in a wedding party, we all had an amazing time. the natural springs were just beautiful. The water was crystal clear. It was hard getting back on the boat from the water but the Rum helped. We had to wait at a gas station for a different bus but ended up on the same bus. The guide was great! Great experience! Thank you guys!

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