Riviera Maya

Discover all the spectacular Riviera Maya excursions. Did you know that Riviera Maya is not an actual place but a strip of caribbean coastline that starts in Puerto Morelos and goes all the way south to end in Punta Allen? You can discover it all with a handful of daytrips and Riviera Maya tours.

Along the coast you will find the Mayan Reef which is the largest coral reef barrier in the western hemisphere. Snorkel with sea turtles, discover thousands of colorful fishes, visit the archaeological site of Tulum which by the way, is the only ancient mayan city located on the sea shore; dive into the hidden world of caves and cenotes, the amount of Riviera Maya excursions is endless.

So, are you up for the adventure?

Tours you can't miss in Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is the Mexican destination with the greatest variety of adventure activities. Dare to do the different tours in Riviera Maya to see first hand the wonders of the jungle and the secrets that hide under the Caribbean Sea.

Get in touch with nature in a unique way with the tours in Riviera Maya doing snorkeling in hidden cenotes, drive among the trees mounted on an all-terrain ATV or enjoy the Riviera Maya from the heights throwing yourself through a zip line. The adventure awaits you!

Quick Tips for Riviera Maya

Even though a Riviera Maya excursion represents a dream come true for many fortunate travelers, there are things no one seems to think about, but that can probably save you some time so you can focus on enjoying your stay in such a beautiful paradise.

It may not seem that tricky, but when it comes to buying stuff in a foreign country some might get a little confused, especially when you are not aware of the local currency system.The Riviera Maya’s local currency is Mexican pesos that you can get in any Money Exchange. Although, if you left your hotel in a rush for any of you Riviera Maya tours and didn’t have time to do so, there are plenty of places that accept US dollars and international credit cards as an alternative form of payment.