Puerto Vallarta

From the Sierra Madre mountains to the Pacific ocean and the quaintness of the Romantic Zone, there are incredible things to do in Puerto Vallarta during your vacations. Do you want to know more about all the fun tours in the area?

Exploring and looking for the treasure of Sierra Madre while ziplining from mountain top to mountain top, rappeling down a waterfall, skim across the water on a speedboat or whale watching are just a sneak peek of what adrenaline junkies can experience in their Puerto Vallarta excursions.

Cruising towards the sunset in the beautiful Banderas Bay, strolling down the city?s Malecon and snorkeling in a hidden beach are definitely great Puerto Vallarta tours available for the more mellow and laid back travellers.

Fall in love with the city just like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton did back in the 60s, will you?

Tours you can't miss in Puerto Vallarta

Visit one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico and enjoy the activities you can do. Puerto Vallarta will impact you not only with its city but with the wonders of such a beautiful place as Bahía de Banderas. Get to know it thoroughly with the tours in Puerto Vallarta.

Sail to the Marietas Islands and let yourself be struck by its natural beauty. If you want to continue enjoying the water, try the snorkel tours at 'Los Arcos' and discover an unparalleled underwater world. Although, if you are interested in knowing more about the sites of interest, you can do it with the tours in Puerto Vallarta!

Quick Tips for Puerto Vallarta

The idea of going on vacations to the seaside is not just relaxing but tremendously inviting. The only thing that would make the picture even more perfect would be to add a serene massage by the beach while you doze off into oblivion with the sound of the waves crashing on the coastline. Unfortunately, massages and spa treatments, in general, can be quite expensive, especially in places crowded by tourists. Well… that’s not the case for Puerto Vallarta excursions.

For some reason, spa treatments here are much cheaper compared to other famous tourist destinations. The only trick is to look around and you’ll easily find massages that start at $30 bucks an hour. Most Puerto Vallarta tours operators know plenty of options so don’t be shy to ask for them and find one that suits you and that will actually provide that sense of complete relaxation you might be looking for.