Is diving the first thing that comes to your mind what you think of things to do in Cozumel? If the answer is yes, you are right thought, the island of the Swallows has way more places to see and excursions to do

Once the world famous biologist Jacques Cousteau said about Mexico´s largest island that it was the aquarium of the world and he, who had seen all seven seas, was just about right. Since the 60s scuba diving and snorkeling have been the most popular Cozumel excursions there are still some more fun activities.

And if it happens that you don´t feel like gearing up for scuba diving you can take a road trip on a 4x4 Jeep around the island and go to far away from the crowds, discover secluded beaches and natural reserves with mayan remains and crocodiles in them too! Or if you want to see what´s beneath the waves but don´t feel like getting wet, there´s always a submarine that can take you to the depths of the ocean in an unbelievable Cozumel tour.

So, who´s ready to explore this amazing island?

Tours you can't miss in Cozumel

Islands always end up being the best destinations to live a great adventure during the holidays. Fortunately, the tours in Cozumel are a perfect fit and will allow you to live unforgettable experiences in one of the best destinations in the Riviera Maya.

The tours in Cozumel will put you in contact with the seabed in a special way, immersing yourself in a submarine! Or taking you on a fun expedition aboard a 4x4 Jeep to know the whole island. Close one of your nights aboard a Dinner Cruise for you to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Cozumel and the starry skies of the night.

Quick Tips for Cozumel

Preparing for a trip is quite important in order to make everything run smoother, even if you are headed for a Cozumel excursion to visit a beautiful Caribbean island. The idea of an island might seem quite fun and adventurous, but have you ever stop to think how to get there? or how to get by once you arrive?

Getting to know your ferry schedule should be your principal concern. Although it's not the only way to get there, it's one of the cheapest and safest ways to do so. Fortunately, the ferries set sail all day long so there is plenty of opportunities for you to get a ride, but be careful not to miss the last one.

The island might not be very big compared to others around the world, but getting by around it by foot would be a crazy idea. There are several options for public transportation, but perhaps renting a golf cart or a scooter might be a better idea. It’ll give you the chance to get to know the place at your own pace and with complete freedom, as you enjoy any of your Cozumel tours. Besides, the traffic signs in Cozumel are 100% tourist friendly, so you won't need to worry about getting lost.