Puerto Plata

This city is probably one of Dominican Republic´s best kept secrets and we know all the things to do in Puerto Plata that make that affirmation true.

Getting to know the city is a must among all Puerto Plata tours since you will get to visit San Felipe Fort, an 16th century fort overlooking at the Atlantic ocean and is now a museum, you can jump on the only cable car of the caribbean or try the purest white rum made in the island.

Snorkelind and deep sea fishing daytrips, the breathtakingly beautiful Paradise Island is nearby and maybe fulfill your need for speed and adrenaline on an ATV are just a handful of other Puerto Plata excursions available for you.

Are you ready to unveil Dominican Republic´s best kept secret?

Tours you can't miss in Puerto Plata

Meet one of the most vibrant cities in the Dominican Republic that will make you live one of the best vacations of your life. Discover what the night has prepared for you, in addition to the natural jewels that abound in this beautiful Caribbean island.

The tours in Puerto Plata will make you see a unique side of the Dominican Republic. Enjoy amazing night shows like the Bravissimo or try your skills at sea trying sport fishing. However, one of the tours in Puerto Plata that has proven to be a favorite is the city tour. Discover this Dominican jewel!

Quick Tips for Puerto Plata

One of the main advantages you can take out of Puerto Plata excursions is the historical culture of the city. Although the Dominican Republic is known for its beautiful beaches, green jungles and a postcard sunset look, not many take into account the beauty hidden among the old streets. But if you really want to get to know the place you ought to be prepared.

Fortunately, some Puerto Plata tours include visits to several museums and galleries that show off its old-fashioned elegance and its historical importance. If possible, try to get the local’s entrance fare to get the best deal possible and visit amazing places that remain a secret for those tourists that come to the Dominican Republic and never leave their all-inclusive hotel.