San Jose

The capital city of Costa Rica has a lot of interesting activities for all the travelers, due to the fact that San Jose is the country’s national cultural core. Discover all the things to do in this beautiful city, where you will find a mixture of modern Latin America with the beauty and uniqueness of a natural paradise that will captivate your family.

If you are looking for natural attractions, you’ll love sightseeing and hiking to the most astonishing volcanoes, such as Irazu, Arenal, and Poas. Fall in love with the enchantment of the lush gardens in Orosi. If culture is what you crave for, get immersed in the fascinating history of Costa Rica! Pay a visit to Downtown San Jose, where you will find theatres and museums. Delight with the local gastronomy and the charisma of Costa Rican people, then you will understand why people say “Pura Vida”!

Prepare yourself to have an intercultural adventure and enjoy the wonders that San José offers to you!

Tours you can't miss in San Jose

Discover the wonders of such an amazing place like Costa Rica and the tours in San Jose that Olympus puts at your disposal. Venture to meet unique natural jewels that complement the warmth of the people in Costa Rica.

Book any of the tours in San José and you will have unforgettable experiences as a guarantee. Get to know the Irazú volcano or feel the adrenaline of navigating the Pacuare River rapids. San José also has for you a historical and cultural side with the tour of the city. Dare to know San José.

Quick Tips for San Jose

Getting to know a place on your own terms can be truly rewarding, but it can also be kind of confusing. Especially when if you plan on trying some San José excursions, where the city’s many streets and hidden alleys turn the land into a sort of maze where only the local people can get by (and even they get lost!).

Surely asking around for directions to local people can be a reliable source of information. Besides, who knows better a place than those who live there? But let's face it, sometimes asking will only get you more confused, especially when you’re not even sure what it is you’re looking for. Here’s where your smart phone’s GPS becomes your new best friend and travel companion. So buckle up, type your address and let the satellite guide you through the streets for a safe and fun San Jose tour.