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Welcome Home Sea Turtles! – Things To Do In Riviera Maya

Turtle Release at Xelha

Mexico is well known around the world for many things, such as its incredible food, the variety of natural landscapes and weather, its music, pre-hispanic historical richness, the warmth of its people but it is also known as “Sea Turtle Country” that is, because of all the 8 living sea turtle species in the world, 7 of them arrive to both mexican shores to nest every summer.

Particularly the state of Quintana Roo where vacational hubs Cancun and Riviera Maya are located it is a privileged place because 4 species of sea turtles come to its coast and beaches to nest from late May up until September when the summer is almost over.

Akumal Bay

Every year thousands of turtles call Mexico “Home”
Akumal Bay

And for most part of the year, there are certain spots within the strip of coast that goes all the way south from Cancun and ends in Tulum; where you can actually swim with turtles all year round. That´s one of the reasons why among the things to do in Riviera Maya, scuba diving excursions are so popular.

scuba diving in Riviera Maya

Nothing like sea turtles in their natural habitat.

Also the fact that this location happens to be in front of the second largest reef barrier in the world makes it an experience that just can´t be missed. These excursions usually start very early in the morning until the afternoon. Once the group is on the boat all geared up with wetsuits, tanks, deadweight, VCD, masks and slippers the adventure begings.

A whole stunning underworld is revealed to their eyes, more than 500 species of fish live happily around the Mayan Reef, a colorful view of underwater creatures and living organism; the shapes of the reef are just surreal and dreamy. And all of the sudden, a large loggerhead turtle swims gracefully next to you, isn´t that awesome?

Snuba turtle xcaret

Up-close and personal with turtles at Xcaret Park.
Photo courtesy of Xcaret Park

But, if you would rather see and interact with sea turtles in other ways, for example a turtle release, a visit to ecological theme parks Xcaret and Xel-ha might do the trick. Particularly Xel-Ha Park has a sea turtle camp and hundreds of Green Turtles come to nest at the park´s beach; they have a series of turtle release events throughout the year and why not, maybe when you are there you can help them release these beautiful creatures.

Turtle Release at Xelha

Baby turtle release at Xelha Park.
Photo courtesy of Xelha Park

Either you want to go for the depths of the Ocean or the tranquility of a park, if experiencing sea turtles in their natural environment and interact with them somehow is a lifetime experience that we higly recommend, so whenever you want to be around these amazing animals while touring the Riviera Maya let us know, we will take you there and go with you!