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Top 5 souvenirs in Cancun

cancun souvenirs

Souvenirs have a strange duality; they’re nice because they let us know someone was thinking about us through their vacation, but, more often than not, they end up being pretty useless. So if you’re already stuck with a thousand absurd keychains, or your fridge can’t hold up any more magnets, here’s a wide variety of souvenirs you can get in Cancun, that’ll be pretty nice and original and let you take a piece of Mexico back home with you. Discover our top 5 souvenirs in Cancun:

1. Prehispanic craftsman works

Mexican prehispanic culture is extremely rich, and the south-east was home to some of the most important cultures. Not only are the craftsman works deeply inspired by tradition and history, but their heritage is transmitted in beautifully detailed pieces of splendid materials. Besides, you’ll be helping honored working hands with every purchase.

cancun souvenirs

Prehispanic craftsman works

2. Hammocks

A traditional hammock is a signature of every home in the Yucatan Peninsula and it’s in every list for the most popular souvenirs in Cancun. Some families use them as their daily sleeping “bed” and some others use them only as a piece of relaxing furniture. For their fresh, lightweight and comfortable nature, these swinging marvels are easy to place in any yard or porch and will surely be home to your favorite breaks. A handmade hammock is not only beautifully made, but a useful item to have at home!

cancun souvenirs


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3. Typical clothing

Traditional Mexican attire is not only elegant and colorful, but it’s handmade precious detailing carries the history of a culture and the hands of its makers. In the Yucatan Peninsula, women wear hipiles, which are beautiful embroidered dresses full of color and great for the warm weather, but you can also find son Charro suits for the gents and Adelita’s dresses and many more typical dresses from all around the country.

souvenirs in cancun

Embroided dresses in Yucatan

cancun souvenirs

Typical clothing

4. Habanero

You know how Mexicans love chili peppers and really hot sauces. Well, habanero pepper is as tough as it gets. In addition to its many health benefits and delicious taste, it’s a fun way to challenge your friends and see who can handle more habaneros. Great for spicing up your daily dishes, adding a taste of Mexico to your food. Besides, you’ll be using it in such small doses that a simple bottle can last for very long!

cancun souvenirs


5. Tequila

You knew this was coming! Probably the most widely known Mexican drink in the world. Tequila is an agave distillate that can only be made out of a certain type of agave plant. Even though this drink is characterized by its appellation of origin, (it can only be made in the town of Tequila, Jalisco) it is widely spread across the country and you cannot leave Mexico without your favorite bottle, this is one of the most populars souvenirs in Cancun. Enjoy Responsibly!

Top 5 souvenirs you can get in Cancun


These are some of the souvenirs in Cancun that will certainly let your loved ones know you’ve been thinking of them, and not only that, as they will think of you every time they use them! Go further than the usual Cancun keychain, mug or t-shirt, and surprise your friends and family with these amazing gifts!