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Top 3 places to visit in the Dominican Republic

places to visit in dominican republic punta cana olympus tours

The Dominican Republic has sure made a name for itself as one of the favorite destinations around the world. It’s easy to understand why, as a place recognized worldwide for its beautiful beaches, excellent food, and friendly locals. With perfect beaches and their luxury resorts, a diverse geography, a history that dates back to the Christopher Columbus expeditions. In addition to unparalleled natural beauty, the Dominican Republic transforms itself in a unique place, making it stand out from other Caribbean islands. Discover it for yourself by getting to know the island with the top 3 places to visit in the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana

places to visit in dominican republic punta cana olympus tours

The spot where the white sands meet the emerald waters of the Caribbean. Due to its secluded beaches, Punta Cana has become the prime resort destination. No matter what type of vacations you are in for, from all-inclusive options family resorts to couple’s retreats. The shallow waters and climate conditions also make it the ideal place for those interested in a never-ending list of watersports such as surf and kiteboarding. Discover Punta Cana and understand why thousands of visitors rush to these shores to see this magnificent paradise.

Santo Domingo

Going to Santo Domingo means you are in for a historical delight. This place is not only the island’s capital, but it’s also its largest and oldest city. Known as “the city of firsts” due to its historic past. It was where Christopher Columbus first arrived and settled. Besides, this was the first capital of the Spanish Empire in the New Continent. Santo Domingo can only be described as the ideal place for learning about the local culture. Due to the fact that it perfectly blends modern day life with a unique backdrop of old buildings and colonial architecture. This city displays some of the most important historic monuments for you to discover. All these in addition to its particular gems such as museums, malls and beautiful streets that lead to impressive squares and its Colonial Zone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


places to visit in dominican republic Jarabacoa olympus tours

A city that has become recognized as a natural playground between the imposing mountains of the Dominican Republic. Often known as the Dominican Alps. Perfect for those looking for outdoor tours and the adventure junkies that seek adrenaline! Offering activities such as rafting, hiking, biking, and whatever true explorers like to do. Due to its climate, the place is also known as “the city of the everlasting spring”. For these reasons, Jarabacoa is a great place to enjoy the emerging ecotourism scene. Make sure to visit Jarabacoa and take a picture next to the Jimenoa and the Baiguate waterfalls. And last, but not least, visit the Ebano Verde Scientific Reserve!

Rest assured that an island as mesmerizing as the Dominican Republic will guarantee one of the greatest vacations you could imagine. It doesn’t matter what you choose to visit from the Dominican Republic. Surely, you’ll find what every vacationer is looking for: a tropical escape designed for you to enjoy every second.