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Top 10 Mexican dishes you have to taste

chiles en nogada mexican dishes olympus tours

Culinary experiences are an essential episode in any travelers journal. Food offers a unique immersion into a country’s history and culture. Nevertheless, few countries can offer such a variety in this experience as the Mexican dishes do. From the simple and world-known tacos to the most elaborate fixtures of unforeseen flavors like the Chiles en Nogada. Travel through centuries of tradition with every bite and discover the culture through these Mexican dishes!

1. Pozole


This pre-hispanic soup is a staple of every traditional household. As a matter of fact, you may see how every Mexican family claims to make the best Pozole in town. That’s just how important this dish is for the culture. Have it made from pork, chicken or vegetarian options of a slow-cooked, overnight stew, hominy corn and plenty of herbs and spices. This Mexican dish is served with lettuce, onion, radish, lime and chili resulting in a fulfilling and spicy fascination. Find it mostly around September, Mexico’s National Holidays month!

2. Mole


Mole (pronounced Maw-Leh) is a typical sauce which origins are still a cause for debate. In fact, different types of mole exist around Mexico. However, they are most commonly made of a variety of chili peppers, dark chocolate, peanuts, and a mixture of around 20 ingredients constantly stirred into a delicious sauce. Taste the most amazing tacos with mole, traditionally served over chicken or turkey. Don’t miss the chance to try this savory wonder!

3. Cochinita Pibil

A tradition of South-East Mexico. Specifically, Cochinita Pibil is a dish original from the state of Yucatan. Citrus juice and annatto seed give a strong orange color and unique taste to a very slow-roasted pork. This Mexican dish is usually served in tacos or (as a personal favorite), Tortas. Ask for your “Torta de Cochinita” in almost any corner and restaurant in Yucatan!

4. Chilaquiles

A traditional breakfast dish that works for every taste. A bed of fried tortilla chips is topped with your choice of red or green sauce, beans, cream, and cheese. Additionally, you may choose a topping of scrambled or fried eggs, chicken or your preferred protein to make this a complete and effective breakfast. Dare to try this dish in its extra spicy version and find out why it’s a national favorite!


Delicious Mexican Chilaquiles placed on a red plate. Blue wooden table.


5. Panuchos

This Mexican dish is another of Yucatan’s wonders. A large refried tortilla is the base for a black bean stuffing topped with pulled chicken or turkey. By all means, add avocado, tomato, chopped cabbage, red onion, and some jalapeño peppers and you’ve got yourself a party favorite, Panucho. Savor this in good company to get the full Yucatan experience!


Panuchos – Mexican corn tortillas filled with refried beans and topped with shredded chicken, guacamole, pickled red onions and tomato. Tomato salsa and jalapenos side dishes.

6. Tortas ahogadas

Literally translated to “Drowned sandwich”, the Torta Ahogada is a dish originated from the state of Jalisco. This sandwich makes justice to its name by “drowning” a Birote bread in a deep bowl of sauce, not before filling it with pork, chicken, or beans. Traditionally, this sauce is made from a variety of chillis, but less spicy versions are available with tomato sauce, for example.


7. Tacos al Pastor

To many, the King of Tacos. Spiced pork is set on a “trompo” and sliced into a generous dose for your tacos. Most of the times, you’ll see these tacos being topped with pineapple cooked in the same “trompo”. Tacos al Pastor were originated in the center of the country, but have been effectively spread all across Mexico, however, the best of the best are still found in the capital city.



mexican al pastor street tacos shot from overhead on top of slate

8. Chiles en Nogada

chiles en nogada mexican dishes olympus tours

The pride of the city of Puebla. This seasonal dish marks the beginning of the National Holidays as its colors, flavors, and ingredients paint the perfect picture of Mexico. A large Poblano chili is filled with a mixture of shredded meat, herbs & spices, and fruits called picadillo. Afterward, this chili is topped with a cold walnut-based cream sauce and decorated with pomegranate. Red, white and green… the colors of the flag in your dish, and the flavor of Mexico in every taste.

9. Elote preparado

Usually found in street stands around most cities, you’ll experience a new way to eat corn on the cob. For starters, Mexican corn is white and its taste isn’t sweet as the most common yellow corn. Lime juice, mayonnaise, cheese, salt, and chili powder serve as dressing for your corn on the cob. You can’t miss this Mexican classic!


mexican grilled corn dish, elote

10. Tamales

This traditional Mesoamerican dish is made from a corn-based dough, covered in banana leaf and very slowly steamed in natural ovens. Surely, many variations of this dish exist around the country, but you may find them with meat, cheese, chilies or vegetables, and even a sweet dessert variation! Another street stand classic you cannot miss!

Tamales, Mexican dish made with corn dough, chicken and chili, wrapped with a corn leaf

Discover this amazing country in all of its beauty, and of course, flavors. Find this Mexican dishes through your visit and let us know which was your favorite!