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The best things to do in Los Cabos for amazing family vacations

Los Cabos, located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, is home to two very different districts. One on side of the peninsula you have Cabo San Lucas – a bustling ‘tourist’ oriented city.  On the other is San Jose del Cabo – a quieter, more traditional Mexican town. Running between the two is an area known as the ‘corridor’. This is home to family-friendly resorts, hotels, and spas. It also has breathtaking scenery and ample opportunity to explore the best of  Los Cabos.

Los Cabos is one of the best places in Mexico for families to explore. There’s so much to see, do, and experience. If you’re planning a family vacation, here are our picks for things to do in Los Cabos.

Head to the beach

A trip to the beach is one of our favorite things to do in Los Cabos

Let’s face it, most parents would love to spend a week or two lounging on the beach. With adventurous little ones, this isn’t always possible, but Los Cabos’ stunning beaches offer families plenty to do. Parents can spend an afternoon catching rays while kids play in the sand. What more could you want?

While many beaches on the coast of the Pacific Ocean are closed off for swimming due to strong currents, there are a couple in Los Cabos that are perfect. Chileno Bay, located on the ‘corridor’ between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, is a great spot. It’s not overly touristy, and well out of the way of spring breakers if you’re traveling at that time of year. There are lifeguards on duty at the bay. You can dip your toes in the water, go snorkeling, or search the tidal pools for hermit crabs and other sea life.

Enjoy a boat ride around the Peninsula

Los Arcos from a boat is one of our top things to do in Los Cabos

There are plenty of exciting boat tours traversing the waters around Los Cabos. From the comfort of a well-equipped family-friendly boat, you can see the coast’s most impressive features.

Get up close to The Arch – a stunning rock formation which is arguably Cabo San Lucas’ most iconic feature. You can see Pelican Rock, another impressive rock formation right in the middle of the seat. Admire the golden sands of Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach without being in the thick of it. And you can even spot the cute mammals that populate the sea lion colony in San Lucas.

There’s a lot on offer even on humble boat ride! If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Cabos’ towns and cities, a relaxing boat trip is a perfect way to spend a day. Simply sit back, soak up the sun and see the sights.

Discover new animals and wildlife

Whale watching is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Los Cabos

As a rule, most children love to get close to nature – especially when there’s an opportunity to spot exciting new wildlife they’ve never seen before. Los Cabos offers plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Explore the San Jose Estuary, a marshland lagoon surrounded by the desert at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Protected by law, the area is a designated nature reserve and a sanctuary for animals and wildlife. There’s the opportunity to see tropical birds, marine life and amphibians, reptiles, insects, and plenty of mammals too. It makes a great way to spend a few hours. Keep in mind that there’s often little shade by the estuary and very hot temperatures, so it’s best to visit early in the morning or late afternoon.

Head to the Los Cabos shore from December to late March for the chance to glimpse whales. Every year, hundreds of whales migrate from the icy waters of the Arctic to soak up the winter sun in Mexico. Across the globe, there are 11 species of whales, and eight can be seen in the waters surrounding Los Cabos. For children, there’s nothing more exciting than the prospect of getting to see these majestic animals.

Looking for things to do in Los Cabos? Explore Todos Santos

If you’ve never been to Los Cabos before, it’s unlikely you will have heard of Todos Santos. The village is one of Los Cabos’ best historical gems, with a unique atmosphere and plenty to see and do.

The town was first founded in 1723 and has a long and fascinating history. Nearly destroyed by revolutions and rebellions more than once, it became a prosperous sugar town in the 19th century. Several of the village’s mills from this period still stand abandoned and crumbling. This makes it an excellent destination for budding photographers both young and old to explore, camera in hand.

Aside from the photo-worthy architecture, Todos Santos has a myriad of different galleries and attractions. The quirky village is home to some of Mexico’s best art galleries as well as the infamous ‘Hotel California’. That’s the very one that The Eagles sang about back in the 1970s.

As Mexico’s original ‘Magical Town’, Todos Santos is a quaint and quirky place that the whole family is bound to fall in love with. You might even find yourself coming back for a second visit!

If you’re looking for plenty more to do during your stay in Los Cabos, you can browse our tours of the area. From deep sea diving, horse riding along the coast and off-road driving, you’ll never be short of things to do in Los Cabos.