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Panama Tours and Travels: Panama beyond the Canal

Panamanian typical costume

Panama is a famous country mostly because its where the direct connection between both Atlantic and Pacific ocean for one hundred years now. Its connectivity has been major for most countries in the world, having a direct influence in worldwide relations and commerce but it wasn´t until the last 10 years that the country started to experiment a major modernization and economic boost.

Modern Panama City

Skyline of Panama City.

The Colon Free Trade Zone is the biggest trade zone throughout the american continent and the second lasrgest in the world after Hong Kong itself which makes i tan ideal place for business and pleasure for travelers from North, Central and South America. With that being said, we are proud to announce that Olympus Tours started operations in this vibrant country on January 6th of 2015.

Our first guests in Panama

Our first guests in Panama

We want to be part of your panamanian experience from the momento your plane lands in Panama City by being on time at the airport and meet you at the gate and by driving you comfortably and safely to your hotel with our airport transfers service in Panama.

Panamanian typical costume

Polleras are the typical panamanian costumes.

At the same time we have a menú of activities and tours in Panama that include a good amount of panamanian territory such as visiting and even sailing through its world famous canal, enjoying its culture at fantastic dinner shows and dances, going to archaeological sites and eco tours in which you can witness the country´s hyper diversity.

We are sure the new year started the right way and are happy to guide you in your future Panama tours and travels, because of this we want to say Welcome to Panama!