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Nude Beaches that you should visit to get rid of those tan lines

We all agree that topless and nude beaches are places where you have to go at least once in a lifetime, right? We think that before you finish reading this post you’ll find yourself daydreaming about skinny dipping in the turquoise waters of the nude beaches in Punta Cana or at least sunbathing topless overlooking at a topless beach in Mexico.

So, we gathered around and threw our travel experience on the table, wrote names down, organized them into where in the world they are located and agreed that these are the nude beaches that should be in everybody´s bucket list for the summer:


Visiting a nude beach helps couples remain confident and close

In North America

We decided to start close to home and came up with these names:

Lighthouse Beach, New York: There are several nude beaches in the state of New York but this one stands out not only because is a mile long beach but also for its iconic lighthouse. Clothing is optional so you won´t see everybody baring it all but rather feeling comfortable with their bathing suits, topless or in Adam´s clothes.


Lighthouse Beach is located on Fire Island.

Baker Beach, California: This beach of the San Francisco Bay area is known for hosting the first Burning Man Festival edition (that gives us a clue of why there´s nudity allowed), though you have to be careful and stay in the clothing optional area if you don´t want to get in trouble.


Baker Beach held the 1st Burning Man Festival ever made.

Haulover Beach, Florida: Well, it’s Miami Beach, but don’t think that all of the beaches in Miami are nudity allowed and supported by the government and maintained with your taxes, ha! So if you happen to be swept by the current and the lifeguard comes to save your bare ass, you know that is being paid with your tax money.


Though topless is common in Miami Beach, only at Haulover you can go naked.

Tulum, Mexico: If taking a full body sunbath is on your Things to do in Cancun list, you’ll find the best spot within the gorgeous and warm turquoise waters and white sand beaches of Tulum there are at least 3 beaches where full nudity is allowed only a few miles south of the famous archaeological site, so once you have soaked up the ancient Mayan culture you can soak up in the water and sun of the Riviera Maya with nothing but sunscreen and happy thoughts. Also, Playa del Carmen can become an “unofficial” topless beach in Mexico at some times of the day.


There are a few spots in Tulum where no eyebrows will be raised at your naked sight.

Zipolite, Mexico: Zipolite is one of Mexico´s west coast most beloved destinations; famous for its small-town vibe, the surf, and sea turtles, Zipolite also has a very relaxed attitude towards nudity in public spaces such as the beach. How would you like to look at the sun setting over the ocean while being naked?


Zipolite´s laid-back attitude.

Central America and The Caribbean

Whether these are legally recognized as nudist beaches or not, here are a few that you might want to visit:

Las Suecas, Panama: This is the only beach in the country that has been acknowledged as a nudist beach in Panama. It’s located on Contadora Island on the Pacific coast, so you are in for some stunning nature and sunsets as well.


Las Suecas is the only official nude beach of Panama.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica: Thought the country has not stated a law or act regarding nudity in its beaches, this beach along with Playa Playita are the two most recognizable nudism allowed beaches in Costa Rica. Nudist are welcome in the northern area of Playa Grande, just keep it quiet.


Playa Grande is the unofficial nude beach of Costa Rica.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic: While there are not nudist or topless allowed beaches or hotels in the Dominican Republic, there is a bare-all alternative in Puerto Plata and that is the all-inclusive resort Caliente Caribe. The area is private and secluded and obviously one of Dominican Republic´s best kept secrets.


Nudity is not allowed in the Dominican Republic but Puerto Plata has a secret spot.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

As we said before, there are no nude beaches in Punta Cana (stop asking, please!) but if you’re an avid explorer and like to go for long walks along the coastline, you may find a lot of discrete places where you can surely get rid of those unnecessary clothes. Also, there are some topless optional resorts where at least you can forget about those weird bikini tan lines for a change.


The Punta Cana long coastline may have some secret spots to get rid of your clothes

Tower Isle, Jamaica: Thought Jamaica is well known for its lose attitude and free spirit, they are not all comfortable with public nudity on the beach… but, at Tower Isle in Ocho Rios you can have a full nude vacation experience for yourself.


Tower Isle is the only nude beach in Jamaica.
Photo: TripAdvisor

Orient Beach, St. Martin: Lets set the record straight first, this island is divided into 2 sides, the French side is St. Martin and the Dutch side, St. Marteen. Thought it doesn´t sound like a huge difference, for nudist there is. On the French side of the island baring, it all is pretty ok while on the Dutch side is not so well received.


St. Martin or St. Marteen, to be nude or not to nude? That is the question!

Gran Saline Beach, St. Barts: This is the second biggest beach on the island and is so secluded that leaving your clothes on or off is pretty much up to you. The island, in general, has a very laid back attitude towards topless sunbathing and lose clothes so, we are sure no-one will get annoyed by your naked sight.


Nudity is OK in St. Barts.

Nude beaches in South America

A little further south we still encounter the last strip of the Caribbean and some other awesome beaches to enjoy the sun in your birth suit:

Praia Do Pinho, Brazil: This beach is located in the southern region of Santa Catarina, near the famous city of Florianopolis. This beach is different from most nude beaches in South America because here being nude is mandatory. Have you made your appointment for a Brazilian wax yet?


Praia do Pinho is very close to the sexy city of Florianopolis in Brazil.

Abrico Beach, Brazil: Abrico is located west of Rio de Janeiro and thought you probably wanted to look at the girls from Ipanema, the bare truth is that most of the beaches within the city are not very good for bathing. So, why not take a day trip and enjoy a completely unpolluted beach?


Abrico is par of the district of Barra de Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro.

Tayrona Park, Colombia: Only 21 miles away from the coastal city of Santa Marta, this national park has lush jungle paths, mountains, and fabulous beaches, including a very secluded one where wearing clothes is optional.


Tyrona is a National Park on the Colombian Caribbean shore.

Playa el Agua, Venezuela: One of the favorite spots in Venezuela´s Margarita Island. Thought topless is widely accepted it is also known for its “don´t look – don´t tell” attitude towards nudity.


Playa el Agua in Venezuela´s Margarita Island is fun and relaxed.

Playa Luna, Chile: This beach is located north of the city of Valparaiso and is part of the Horcon inlet. This is the only (official) nude beach in Chile


Luna Beach might not be the typical paradisiac beach but is fun and relaxed.

Manabi, Ecuador: There are no nude beaches in Ecuador officially, but if you plan a visit there’s a place you should include on your bucket list. South of the famous surf spot of Montañita you’ll find Manabi, a secluded beach where no one will bother you if you decide to enjoy a no clothes time. So, use your common sense and if you see there won´t be any trouble, just chill and get naked.


Manabi is Ecuador´s best-kept secret!

Chihuahua Beach, Uruguay: This nudist spot is not far from the hottest summer spot of the southern hemisphere, Punta del Este. This small beach was also one of the first in the continent to embrace nudity.

nude beaches

Chihuahua Beach is a tiny beach in Punta del Este named after the famous dog breed.

So, we really hope we got this nude beaches in America added to your bucket list. Did we miss your favorite? What about adding your favorite nude beaches on the comments so other free minded people can enjoy it?