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5 museums in Mexico City to go with your partner

5 museums in Mexico City to go with your partner thumbnail

Mexico City is the capital of a country with great cultural wealth. With the passage of time, it has also become the capital of artistic expression. An artistic expression that opens the door to an explosion of creativity and the understanding of emotions. Art is the perfect way to share your deepest feelings with your loved one. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, try something new. Stroll through the museums in Mexico City and connect at a deep level with the person you love. Discover 5 museums in Mexico City to go with your partner:

The Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes)

The Palace of Fine Arts is considered one of the country’s top cultural venues. For this reason, it’s not surprising that over the years it has been the scenario for internationally renowned artists. Just by looking at the façade it’s easy to see that it’s a work of art on its own. The palace was built during Mexico’s “Porfiriato”, in commemoration of the Independence. Inside, you can enjoy art exhibitions, its famous bookstore and the National Theater with your partner. Take that special person to the unique folkloric ballet show and enjoy an artistic evening.

Soumaya Museum

The modern and shining design of the Soumaya Museum makes it a site that impacts at first sight. Fernando Romero, the architect in charge of bringing it to life, created a structure composed of 12 thousand aluminum hexagons. This makes it an excellent background for an artistic photo with your partner. The museum exhibits around 6,000 art pieces donated by the Carlos Slim Foundation, presented along with its six interconnected floors. Get to know the different thematic exhibitions, as well as their outstanding collection by Rodin.

Frida Kahlo’s House (Casa Azul)

Inside the streets of Coyoacán, one of the most picturesque delegations of Mexico City, you’ll find a vibrant “Blue House”. Known as one of the important residences of the famous Frida Kahlo, transformed into a museum in 1958. Enter the site and get to know Diego Rivera‘s studio, the kitchen, and the beautiful gardens. Here, Frida and Diego’s personal objects are shown, as well as the mark that they left behind. Take advantage, in the company of your partner, of exhibitions that will make you appreciate art in a new way.

Chapultepec Castle

Climb to the top of “Cerro del Chapulín” and reach the Chapultepec Castle. Here you’ll enjoy its beautiful architecture, its peculiar design and of course, the National Museum of History found inside. Take photos on the terrace overlooking Paseo de la Reforma or next to statues of the “Niños Héroes”. With luck, you’ll be able to appreciate the musical presentations that take place inside the castle. In addition, you can learn about the past of Mexico that took place in this historic site.

Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art

The architectural design of the Tamayo Museum honors the theme of contemporary art. Considered for itself as a contemporary masterpiece. Inside it exhibits innovative collections of modern and contemporary art highlighted internationally. However, the Tamayo Collection is its main attraction. Enjoy a romantic day among the international art exhibitions and let the artistic aura wrap you.


Regardless of the passage of time, art is an expression with the power to unite souls. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day and enjoy a cultural day soaking up the art scene with your partner. Allow yourself to be part of the beauty and cultural richness that a place like Mexico City has to offer. Discover 5 museums in Mexico City to go with your partner.