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La Romana, a magical paradise in Dominican Republic

Located at the southeast of the Dominican Republic lies a magical place of wonder and beauty. La Romana is a captivating paradise from corner to corner. Beginning with the colonial architecture resembling a medieval European town, to the paradisiac beaches that surround the coast. Certainly, this variety of landscapes and environments widens the offer of things to do in La Romana. Discover a number of different experiences that can only be lived here!

Things to do in La Romana

In the first place, the enchanting village of Altos de Chavón, where architecture is a gateway to the 1500’s. This town is surrounded by world-class Country Clubs and golf courses. Altos de Chavón is the perfect setting to get away from the world. Experience the Caribbean in an environment of peace and calm.

Of course, visiting the Caribbean means pristine beaches, exotic landscapes, and refreshing beverages. As a matter of fact, La Romana is not short on these options either. Travelers love exploring the countryside and meeting the warm locals, contemplating the lovely views of the many coffee, sugar, and banana plantations, enjoying a traditional Dominican meal and relaxing at the beach, can all be done in a single day tour. That’s just how far and diverse the city is. A must-visit destination for everybody!

La Romana is filled with the beautiful landscapes that characterize the Dominican Republic. If this wasn’t enough, its shores are brimming with Caribbean islands of virtually untouched glamor. Floating slices of paradise like Saona Island where time seems to run slower as the vibe of the beach speaks for the spirit of the country. Visit the hundreds of picturesque views not only from the beaches but also underwater! Saona Island is filled with life, colors and vibrant nature, making this another can’t miss destination in the Dominican Republic, only a few miles away from La Romana.

Travel to the Dominican Republic, a growing tourist destination now! Find out more about the things to do in La Romana and visit this paradise before everyone else!