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Is it safe to travel to Mexico? The truth is here

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Are you planning to visit Mexico to fall in love with its beaches, the amazing food and all the fun activities available, but what you’ve heard in the news regarding safety worries you? There is nothing to fear! Mexico is a safe country, both for its inhabitants and of course for those who visit it. So if you’re wondering if it is safe to travel to Mexico, let us tell you the truth and how to enjoy a great vacations experience in this wonderful country.

As most countries in the world, Mexico has its own internal problems; it is no secret that in recent years there has been an increase in crime in some cities. This is one of the most talked about problems and, unfortunately, they’ve become world news. However, despite being an issue that concerns us all, the problems don’t necessarily affect the thousands of tourists, both local and foreign, who visit the most important Mexican destinations year after year.

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We all know the Media for using alarmist headlines and you’ve probably come across some news that may worry you. However, while fighting crime is up to the authorities, as a visitor you shouldn’t worry, as long as you act on the basis of common sense. Just like in any other tourist destination in the world, travelers are always exposed to risky situations not necessarily related to crime, but for issues as unexpected such as trying different food, the changes in weather and of course, our behavior. But those risky situations are very easy to avoid. Enjoying the holidays depends entirely on us as tourists.

So, is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Therefore, if you plan to visit Mexico, we have a series of recommendations that will make your holidays fun and unforgettable, but above all, safe.

1. Book all your planned tours or activities and transportation services in advance, and only with certified and verified agencies.

You will find a wide range of suppliers, we suggest you always opt for certified operators. Check online reviews like on TripAdvisor, and Google. A reliable company will have a mission to ensure that your experience is the best. Plus, you may find better deals online.

safe to travel to Mexico

2. Avoid dark alleys or walking late at night in non-touristic places

Sometimes we forget the most obvious: Walking through dark alleys where there are no people or signs will never be a good option, nor in Mexico or any other country. Try to plan group activities and take note of the most popular and safe places. The tourist areas of Cancun and other destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Mexico City are always monitored by the authorities and it is very unlikely that any situation that endangers visitors will happen.

3. Take care of your belongings!

This advice never hurts. You can never be too precautious and there’s no need to be a show-off! You do not need to take your best jewelry to the beach or carry lots of bills in your wallet. No matter where you are, you want to take care of your things, no matter if they are luxurious or not. Take care of your bags, your camera, your phone and your money at all times. Do not carry more than what you need and do not lose sight of your belongings. We also recommend avoiding using street ATM’s. It is best to use those found in shopping malls or in banks.

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4. Listen to the indications of the authorities and obey the public places regulations.

Being on vacation does not mean we have a free pass to break the law or behave like morons. Some “bad tourists” put themselves at risk for their behavior and if something goes wrong they end up blaming the hotels’ staff, or the authorities at the tourist destination. Some people wonder if it is safe to travel to Mexico but they are “unsafe” tourists.  Being responsible and a good tourist is a must for every traveler. It is not worth putting your life at risk for abusing drinks, food or fun. Pay attention to traffic instructions, to the lifeguards on the beach, and the tour guides. Remember that you are visiting places that may be way different from your hometown. Everything from the weather, the biodiversity, and even the food may turn into an unpleasant surprise if you are not careful enough. Have fun without disturbing others.

5. Talk to the locals, they know more than the Media!

A simple but useful advice as nobody knows more about a destination than its own inhabitants. Traveling represents a great opportunity to meet people and let us learn the best tips to enjoy a destination the safest way.

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Mexican destinations or any other country; We’re sure these tips will help you have an unforgettable experience. If you have more questions and need some advice on how to assure a great experience from the moment you step out of the airport, contact us! We are always here to help you.

safe to travel to Mexico