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Festival of Lights in Costa Rica

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During the Christmas framework of the Costa Rican capital, San José, one of the most popular festivals is celebrated: The Festival of Lights in Costa Rica. A great color show that originated since 1996 as a party similar to that of the carnivals. This celebration includes elements such as decorated floats, masquerades, live music, and fireworks.

costa rica festival of lights olympus tours

Festival of Lights dates

This festival is celebrated during the first days of December. For this reason, it is associated with year-ending festivities in Costa Rica. It becomes unthinkable to celebrate the holiday season without the Festival of Lights. An event that’s definitely one of the best ways to start the Christmas season.

festival of lights costa rica olympus tours

It starts around six o’clock in the afternoon with a brief speech given by the mayor of San José. Later, the festival is inaugurated with a parade of lights offered by a set of fireworks that paint the sky of bright colors. This goes on throughout the festivities on the streets with hundreds of bulbs of different sizes and colors. The main hallmark is lively during the celebration that extends until midnight.

festival of lights costa rica

More than a festival

Lights and music flood the streets of San José. The floats are not the only stars of the night. Here we see how the bands formed by more than a hundred people play wind instruments and percussions. In addition, there are special appearances of characters like pixies, giant bears and beauty queens.

The Festival of Lights of Costa Rica attracts large numbers of tourists every year. Of course, overwhelmed by the magic, creativity and beautiful diversity of the event they are always eager to return. In your next vacation in Costa Rica, make sure you participate in this festival. Take part of a journey of approximately 3.2 kilometers, having the opportunity to know the culture and tradition of the place. In addition, you’ll discover the city and its main streets. Celebrate with the locals and be part of the wonderful Festival of Lights of Costa Rica.