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Experience the colors of Costa Rica in Guanacaste


Imagine a vacation trip where you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing virgin coastline, beautiful mountains, and majestic volcanos. Such a place exists, hidden in Costa Rica’s Northwest region known as Guanacaste. Don’t think about it too much. Dare to visit a place awarded with the title of “tropical paradise”, doesn’t it sound dreamy?


 Natural and cultural beauty

Blessed with a great climate and exuberant beauty, Guanacaste has become one of Costa Rica’s most popular provinces. Indeed, attracting thousands of tourist with its long summer days and its exotic diversity. Get to know the “land of the marimba”, a nickname given by local people. The reason? Well, because of the music commonly played by them is based on the marimba, a traditional instrument in the region.


Be amazed as you embark on a journey to one of the most visited regions in Costa Rica. Due to its characteristic folklore and picturesque essence, Guanacaste is a growing touristic paradise. Submerge into its rich culture. Discover the combination between indigenous traditions. Immerse in the Spanish and African heritage provided during their arrival to America during the colonial period.

Paradisiac Beaches


With more than 200 km of beach extension, it is certainly a place with plenty of tour options and fun activities such as surf, zip lines, horseback riding, hiking, scuba diving and much more. You’ll definitely understand why tourism is one of the main economic activities of the place, offering to both visitors and locals an unparalleled experience.

Guanacaste has just too many things to offer for you to truly feel like you are learning about Costa Rica and its richness. Its dreamy landscapes will surprise you, as you discover the natural beauty and a large number of activities to engage in. Prepare to have the vacation of your life in Guanacaste, the perfect spot for you to truly experience the colors of Costa Rica.