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Christmas holidays in Cancun: Top 4 things to do

Christmas holidays in Cancun: Top 4 things to do thumbnail

Whether you believe it or not, winter is an excellent time to visit Cancun. Although the traditional Christmas scene is in a cold and snowy place, many travelers are now choosing a Caribbean Christmas. It’s time for you to make a radical change of plans and enjoy a Christmas in “Caribbean style”. One of the main advantages is that, due to the warm climate, Cancun remains as one of the greatest vacation destinations. Weather won’t be an obstacle between you and the fun activities a place like Cancun has to offer. Find below the top 4 things to do during your Christmas holidays in Cancun:

1.- Go to the beach

Unlike other beach destinations up north, the Caribbean Sea is blessed with tempered water all year round. This makes it comfortable to swim and refresh, even in December! The temperature outside won’t usually drop below 20ºC (68ºF), so you won’t need to worry about being cold once you go back out. This is not just for swimming or spending a nice day at the beach. You can also be able to enjoy the vast variety of water activities found on the beach in Cancun. Find a new way to spend the Christmas holidays in Cancun. This winter, have a fun time with your friends and family in a Caribbean destination!

2.- Visiting a theme park

Cancun and several areas nearby are packed with fun theme parks for you to enjoy next to the whole family. It’s a guarantee that here you’ll find at least one that suits you perfectly. From fun water parks like Ventura Park to extreme adventures like Xplor. To fully enjoy these theme parks you should book the entire day for the experience. The packages usually include the necessary gear for specific activities, a buffet restaurant, and a locker area for you to keep your things somewhere safe. If you are looking for things to do such as zip lines, ATVs, water activities, bungee jumping, go karts, and much more, a theme park is an ideal choice. A perfect way to spend the Christmas holidays in Cancun with the whole family!

3.- Enjoy a Christmas dinner

Christmas is also one of the favorite holidays for locals in Cancun. Luckily, most restaurants stay open during Christmas Eve in order to receive the families that are looking to enjoy a good meal in a nice, soothing restaurant. Make your reservation and be mesmerized with the beautiful twinkling lights and the pretty Christmas decorations. Feel a true holiday spirit as you come across with some of the best gastronomic experiences in Mexico.

4.- Take advantage of the hotel festivities

Many hotels in Cancun work hard to offer their guests a great experience during their vacation. Taking advantage of the Christmas holidays, they usually organize fun and colorful parties called “posadas”.  In these parties, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food, great music, and fun traditional activities. Get to know more about the Mexican culture as you enjoy one of the most popular ways to celebrate Christmas in Mexico.


Let’s be honest, laying on the beach and tanning under the sun sound far more appealing than freezing during the Christmas holiday season. Don’t miss out on the vacation of your life visiting not only one of the favorite vacations destinations in the world but also a place where you’ll be able to feel the Christmas spirit while you enjoy things you only thought were possible during the summer. Dare to try something different and discover the top 5 things to do during your Christmas holidays in Cancun.