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The Carnival in Dominican Republic

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One of the main characteristics of the Latin people is their passion for the party. For this reason, carnivals have become a typical tradition in different countries of Central America and South America. The best known Carnival in the world is the one in Rio. However, the carnival in Dominican Republic has established itself as one of the most important festivities of Dominican culture.

Commonly celebrated all the weekends of the month of February, even expanding itself to the beginning of March. This event is constantly happening in different localities of the island. The exact dates usually vary depending on the region. Without a doubt, the point of highest excitement is around February 27. On this date, the National Independence of the Haitian invasion ended in 1844 and is commemorated every year.

Discover the Culture!

The celebration of the carnival in the Dominican Republic is to date one of the most colorful traditions. A perfect representation of the happy participation of its inhabitants. No one stays at home. Everyone goes out into the streets to flood them with creativity and enthusiasm through the use of costumes, masks, and parades. Endless dances and decorated troupes demonstrate the hallmark of the party spirit of the Dominicans.
dominican republic carnival olympus tours

Because its origins date back to the ancient pagan festivals of Europe dedicated to Bacchus, the god of wine, since it is intertwined with the eve of Lent and the commemoration of the National Independence, it is common to see how different cultures merge into one same celebration. From African elements, Christian figures and even modern contributions. For instance, one of the main characters that repeat itself during the carnival is the famous “cojuelo devils” who dance with singular joy through the streets of Dominicana.

carnival in dominican republic olympus tours

Enjoy as a local

Usually, the locals usually travel from one region to another to participate in the different celebrations of the carnival. It is an authentic expression of their identity formed from a vast influence of cultures. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture awards the most creative demonstrations of the arts, making this come to light. A great way of recognizing the best costumes, dance groups, and other categories.

The Carnival in the Dominican republic Olympus Tours

Fully enjoy the Carnival in the Dominican Republic with specially organized tours. Dive into the meaning and symbolism of the characters, the costumes and the different representations that take place in the different locations! Besides, you’ll be able to taste some of the most delicious traditional dishes of the Dominican Republic. So then, the next time you visit this wonderful Caribbean island during February, do not forget that you will have the amazing opportunity to celebrate a party full of life and color: the carnival in the Dominican Republic.