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Best Places To Eat In Cancun If You Are Vegetarian Or Vegan

places to eat in cancun vegetarian

There´s no doubt that mexican food is delicious, in fact, it is so delicious, so complex, rich and unique that UNESCO declared it Intangible Heritage of Humanity a few years ago. That being said and keeping that is World Vegetarian Day we decided to list the best places to eat in Cancun for vegetarians and vegans.

But first, how much do you know traditional and unique mexican ingredients?

We are talking about avocados, corn, beans, chillies of different types from jalapeños to the mighty habanero, huitlacoche (a truffle-like corn fungus), lime, coriander, yam vean, cocoa, peanuts, walnut, vanilla, pumkin flowers just ton ame a few a gift from mother nature to the world and native of the country.

But also, what makes Cancun´s food situation so unique is that the city is a cultural melting pot, with a large and increasing community of expats from all nationalities adding a particular ingredient or method to the mix. So, without taking longer, here is a list of the best places to eat in Cancun for pro-veggies.

Gopal´s Cancun:

where to eat indian food in Cancun

Hindu-Mex Food at Gopal´s Cancún.
Photo: Yelp.

This is a fusión kind of restaurant since it has a lot of items from traditional indian food as well as the names. Try their delicious vegetarian pozole or their unique hindu inspired vegetarian pizzas. If you´re staying in downtown Cancun this is a great choice for you.

100% Natural:

where to eat in cancun vegetarian

Enfrijoladas with Tofu.
Photo: 100% Natural on fac

This is one of my personal favorites, with well served dishes of real, honest, healthy and yet tasty food. They have different vegetarian options in their menu like wild rice, green juices and smoothies or even dairy suplements like tofu; I highly recommend you to try their Enfrijoladas with Tofu for breakfast; you can thank me later.

Le Natura:

places to eat vegetarian food in cancun

Le Natura
Photo: Natura Cancún on Facebook.

This cute restaurant is located in the heart of Hotel Zone, and as they well state, they are suitable for vegetarians. You can try the variety of salads and pastas as well as their vegetarian tacos, a whole bunch of other mexican dishes like burritos and quesadillas in their vegetarian version or a delicious tofu burger.

 Dharma Café:

where to eat in cancun hindu and vegetarian

Fusion Hindu-Mex-International at Dharma Café.
Photo: Dharma Café on Facebook.

Again the hindu influence can be felt in this space. A quiet and tranquile place in the middle of downtown where you are politely asked to turn off your pone and your laptop and just enjoy the moment. The menu changes constantly and is a mixture of traditional mexican dishes like tamales or stuffed chilis with some other international dishes like curry or vegetarian hamburgers. You can treat yourself with an almond rice pudding for dessert.

La Pizza:

where to eat in cancun vegetarian pizza

Delicious vegetarian pizzas at La Pizza.
Photo: Panoramio.

Located in the heart of the Hotel Zone´s “Party Center” is a simple pizza place with a nice selection of vegetarian pizzas for you to endulge. Well priced and conveniently located with everyone´s favorite meal, what´s not to like about it?

The Surfin Burrito:

where to eat vegetarian tacos in cancun

Vegetarian Tacos, Burritos & Nachos…
Photo: The Surfin´ Burrito on Facebook

We thought about listing it when we listed the best places to eat in Cancun on National Taco Day but rather included them here. This is a hot spot in Hotel Zone that is open 24/7 is delicious, affordable and cool to hang out. Try their vegetarian burritos and tacos or the oh so delicious and filling fajita nachos, have a smoothie, a cocktail or a beer and chill.


where to eat in cancun vegetarian tycoz

Try the vegetarian baguette at Ty-Coz.
Photo: Yelp

We all love Ty-Coz, convenient and easy to go baguettes

that are not only very affordable but also very delicious. Their vegetarian baguette or the vegetarian croissant are just a delight… did I mention that here at Olympus Tours we are in a relationship with their baguettes?

Vegan Planet:

places to eat in cancun vegan food

Vegan chocolate and berries cake at Vegan Planet.
Photo: Vegan Planet Superfoods on Facebook.

This restaurant is located in the downtown area, their menu is quite varied and with nicely served proportions, it is also delicious. What stands out is the fact that they are fully commited to the vegan and organic food standars, that means there are no dairy product s whatsoever, gluten free and even raw vegan dishes like sushi. Get a brownie for dessert and you will have a big smile on your face.

Food Trucks Cancun:

where to eat in Cancun

Delicious Falafels.
Photo: Food Trucks Cancun Facebook.

In the heart of the downtown area where there was an abandoned lot, a family thought it was a good idea take over and place their food trucks all together in one place, the result is Food Trucks Cancun. With a wide range of menus, from traditional lebanese kebabs and falafels to pizzas, fusión thai food and a dessert kiosk, this cool, affordable and trendy option is just there with nice vegetarian dishes and variety for you.

Taste Of India:

where to eat in cancun vegetarian food

A little Taste of India in Cancun.
Photo: Taste of India

This hindu restaurant is conveniently located on Bonampak Avenue, which is the border avenue (sort to speak) between the city´s downtown and Hotel Zone areas. As you know, locals are not afraid of spices and trying new ingredients and therefore, indian food totally makes sense in Cancun.

Bonus: Fruit Sands and Esquites!

fruits with tajin in cancun

Fruits with Tajín Chili Powder.
Photo: Hamachi-Hamachi under CC License.

You can see all over downtown little fruit carts but these are not justa n average lemonade stand because in Mexico is very common to find them every few blocks with cups of sliced carrots, yam vean and cucumber sprinkled with a dehydrated lime, salt and chili mixture known simply as Tajín which is perfect for the high temperaturas of the day.

where to eat in cancun vegetarian

Corn sticks and Esquites on the street.
Photo: Angélica Portales under CC License.

Meanwhile, you will also find little carts selling esquites on a side of the road. This snack consists in corn grains boiled until they are soft and later saulted in butter and onions and served hot in a cup, then is topped with different combinations of lime juice, salt, chili poder, mayonaisse and cheese. So maybe is not 100% vegan but it can sure be the perfect vegetarian snack!

We hope that in case you are vegetarian, vegan or just want something  meatless and delicious this basic list of where to eat in Cancun is helpful, simple and hopefully delightful as the dishes you are about to try. You can share your experience with us of whether you liked them or now by tweeting us or sharing a pic on our Facebook Page. Happy World Vegetarian Day!