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Best Places To Eat In Cancun On National Taco Day.

Carnitas Michoacan best places to eat in Cancun

There´s no doubt that tacos are one of the most famous food in the world, otherwise National Taco Day wouldn´t exist, am I right? So, top ay a little homage to this delicious holiday, we decided to share our picks for the best places to eat in Cancun this traditional and always yummy dish. We recommend you have napkins on your side  to prevent from a drooling mess and organize the schedule of your next trip to Cancun around these places.

Withou any specific order, these are our favorite spots for meat and pork tacos:

Los Tarascos.

los tarascos tacos best places to eat in Cancun

Tacos al Pastor are a speciality of Los Tarascos.
Photo: Taquería Los Tarascos Facebook Page

This popular spot is a family business and has several locations throughout the city and Mexico, they have several specialities which are pretty close to what you´d find at a proper taquería in Mexico City; soft corn tortillas with a mixture of meats and ingredients that can vary from chorizo to sirloin steak to mushrooms and grilled peppers with or without cheese. Their Tacos al Pastor are one of my favorites, specially the piece of pineapple on top of each taco.

Tacos Rigo.

best tacos in cancun taquerias rigo

Tacos Rigo has a great variety of tacos and antojitos.
Photo: Taquerías Rigo Facebook Page.

Another popular spot among locals, these can be found in different locations in downtown Cancun as well as in the upscaled Hotel Zone. Their menú has different variations and other mexican dishes (known as antojitos) but overall good honest tacos.

La Parrilla.

best places to eat in Cancun La Parrilla Yaxchilan

Tacos al Pastor with Mole Verde, only at La Parrilla.

La Parrilla is a fun family restaurant with different locations in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, taco eaters here will enjoy a joyful fiesta experience with live mariachi music and many delicious and fulfilling options in the menú. But we are focusing on tacos and therefore we highly recommend to try their Mole-Pastor Tacos, these are the basic pastor but marinated with green mole; a real delicacy.

La Borrega.

best pork and barbacoa tacos in Cancun

Pork and Goat Barbacoa. at La Borrega.

Again, downtown Cancun takes the cake (or the taco) here; easy to reach, this spot is located on Kabah Avenue, very close to the Home Depot (easy reference) and is open 24/7. Their pork tacos are so soft they melt by just looking at them, slow cooked goat meat tacos – called Barbacoa – are just amazing as well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for champions for sure.

 Carnitas Michoacán.

Carnitas Michoacan best places to eat in Cancun

Traditional carnitas from Michoacan straight to your mouth in Cancun.
Photo: Carnitas Michoacán Facebook Page

The street of the mexican pacific state of Michoacán is well known and very much appreciated in the country and this popular spot won´t let you down. Among several trademark dishes of Michoacán, their tacos de carnitas are the specials: Carnitas is a mixture of different parts of the pork which are seasoned and fried in pork grease… it is not healthy and if you have colesterol or heart dissease you may not want toe at more than a couple of tacos but trust us, you have to try them at least once in your lifetime! By the way, there´s a Carnitas Michoacán restaurant in the Hotel Zone as well.

Taco Factory.

Taco Factory best places to eat in Cancun

Taco Factory is very convenient for party goers.
Photo: Taco Factory Facebook Page.

If you are going to party at Cancun´s Party Center, we highly recommend you stop at this place before the party starts and/or once you decide to call it a night. There you will see the most dress up runway like party outfits as well as the easy going beach goer, tourists, locals and everything in between. Pastor, beef, beef and cheese ore ven lettuce leaf tacos for those who are on a carbs free diet will find something delicious at Taco Factory.

Mercado 23.

best places to eat in cancun mercado 23 tacos

Pork Tacos with Salsa Verde at Mercado 23.

Next to Mercado 28 (Market 28 as you will see on the bus signs) this is the most popular market in downtown Cancun. There you can find crafts and fresh products such as vegetables, fruits, meat and cheese for domestic consumption but there are also simple food stands along the market; you can ask for some delicious tacos de cochinita pibil (that is pork Pibil) that will melt as soon as they enter your mouth. We´re already dreaming about them.

Is not all about meat, there´s also fish tacos!

El Fish Fritanga.

Fish tacos at El Fish Fritanga. Photo: El Fish Fritanga Facebook Page.

Fish tacos at El Fish Fritanga.
Photo: El Fish Fritanga Facebook Page.

El Fish Fritanga is low key spot in the Hotel Zone has a beautiful terrace facing Nichupte Lagoon, their speciality are sea food and fish fried quesadillas but they also have a nice selection of ceviches, more sea food dishes plus very tasty fish, shrimp and octopus tacos as well. Order a cerveza or a cocktail and enjoy the sunset, you can thank us later.

Los Pescaditos.

best places to eat in Cancun los pescaditos

The laidback atmosphere of Los Pescaditos.
Photo: Los Pescaditos Facebook Page.

Another favorite spot in downtown; this place is very easy to get to and has a nice laidback atmosphere, the service is fast and nice. Thought their pescadillas are the signature dish, their fish tacos with homemade mayo are simply delicious any day and any time of the week. Have a cold beer and enjoy your tacos.

Thought we also remembered about Taco Paco and El Camello, sadly these places are located along the Riviera Maya in Puerto Aventuras and Tulum; well now that we think about it is not so sad after all because it would be another excuse to travel a little further and satisfy our fish taco cravings.


So, if your travel plans are not near National Taco Day at least now you know what are the best spots, recommended by locals that should definitely try among the tons of things to do in Cancun we are sure that food hunting and finding the best places to eat in Cancun will be one of the most fun and pleasant ones.