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A year in travel | 2018’s best destinations and things to do (according to tripadvisor)

A year in travel | 2018’s best destinations and things to do (according to tripadvisor) thumbnail

Each year, the TripAdvisor travel platform selects the winning destinations of the highly acclaimed title of “the best destinations”. Listing the favorite destinations of millions of travelers to let you know the wonderful adventures you’re missing out on. The votes were sent and the winners selected, visit the destinations that made people fall in love. Discover the best destinations and things to do in them from 2018 for you to try them in 2019.

1.- Paris, France

Known by some as “the city of light”, by others as “the capital of good taste, culture, and freedom”. Paris was chosen as the preferred destination for travelers registered on TripAdvisor in 2018. A decision that doesn’t surprise anyone, especially once you visit the French capital. Live the perfect Parisian experience that combines time outdoors and the essence of a vibrant city. Visit the attractions that emanate a combination of fashion and art in the paradise of Bohemian souls. Go to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe to fall in love with architecture. Or walk alongside the Seine River until you reach Notre-Dame. Just don’t forget to visit one of its interesting museums, placing the Louvre at the top of the list.

2.- London, United Kingdom

Meet the city where elegance and modernity are combined: London. Stroll through its streets mounted on one of the typical red buses and take a tour of its different areas. In them, you will surely find more than one cafeteria for you to experience the traditional English “tea time”. Walk by the side of the River Thames and listen to the famous Big Ben rattle in the distance. Buckingham Palace, the Royal Opera House, and Abbey Road are some famous attractions according to TripAdvisor. You won’t want to miss out on them.

3.- Rome, Italy

The city that was not built in a day, cannot be covered in a day either. Especially with all the attractions it has to offer. Let the fascinating historical wonders amaze you. Flip a coin in the Trevi Fountain, enter the Roman Colosseum and eat ice cream in Piazza di Spagna. Ready to discover emblematic monuments such as the Pantheon of Agrippa or the Monument Vittorio Emanuele II?

4.- Bali, Indonesia

The islands always end up being the favorites of TripAdvisor’s travelers and Bali is no exception. Its extravagant jungle houses thousands of stone temples surrounded by mischievous and curious monkeys. The tranquility of Bali will revitalize your mind and body. Surprise yourself with the beautiful landscapes on the beaches of fine white sand or those of their rice plantations. Venture into Lake Batur in the mountainous and volcanic region of Bali.

5.- Crete, Greece

Discover a Greek jewel that sits quietly in the turquoise sea. Enjoy eternal days on extensive beaches like Elafonisi and take a dip to cool off. Mythological history surrounds the city in the many archaeological sites for you to see. Listen to the legends of Crete, the birthplace of Zeus, King of the Gods. Visit its Greek lands, full of contrasts and riches that identify the beautiful Crete.

6.- Barcelona, Spain

Venture into a surreal world as you stroll through the streets of Barcelona. Much of its architectural design was the work of the famous architect Antonio Gaudí, giving the place an untraditional look. Visit museums where the Spanish Salvador Dalí paintings abound or walk along the Ramblas, its famous pedestrian street. Take a picture inside and outside La Sagrada Familia and don’t miss the chance to visit the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. You will love the Catalan lands of Spain.

7.- Prague, Czech Republic

Imagine a city that resembles a fairy tale with castles, bell towers, and medieval-like squares. The “city of hundred towers”, will make you fall in love with magical alleys, amazing bridges or the Astronomical Clock. Meet the Prazsky Hrad (Prague’s Castle) or visit a classic Czech tavern. There’s an option for every taste. Truly amazing!


Now you know what the world chose as the best destinations for 2018. Which will you visit this year? Will the winners repeat themselves or will new destinations be selected? Join TripAdvisor and share your opinions and experiences to help confused travelers. Just don’t forget, traveling is a gift that we should appreciate and take advantage of. Don’t miss the opportunity to know this wonderful world.