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5 adrenaline activities you must add to your New Year’s resolutions

5 adrenaline activities you must add to your New Year's resolutions thumbnail

With the arrival of a new year, it’s time to make a list with purposes we wish to carry out. Although it’s common to have in mind purposes that help us grow, we should consider things we’ve never done before. Perhaps even some that make us face our craziest fears. Adrenaline activities may be very attractive to a certain audience, but there are those who don’t dare to try them. This 2019 get out of your comfort zone and dare to try something new. Try these

4 activities that you must add to your New Year’s resolutions:

Scuba dive with the bull shark

Immerse yourself in the depths of the sea and meet a species that, at first, may provoke fear. Do not let this feeling stop you from living one of the most wonderful experiences under the sea. Bull sharks are gentle and beautiful creatures that sail the oceans peacefully. Being underwater with them will make you realize how careless they will be of you. This will allow you to observe such a majestic creature while you enjoy the underwater environment and its wonders.

Parachute jump

The idea of ​​jumping from an airplane at 10 thousand feet sounds crazy but just try it. Once you try it you will realize how much fun it can be. You’ll feel your heart speed as you approach the door and see the earth in miniature beneath your feet. Feel the wind on your face and an indescribable relief the moment when the parachute opens. Enjoy the peace and silence while being this high up while you wait for your descent back to the ground.

Sport fishing

Wake up before dawn and set sail to receive the first rays of the sun on a boat. This tour will take you to the best places in the sea to get good fishing action. Test your strength, ingenuity, and skill when facing the wild creatures of the sea in a face-to-face battle. Not knowing if you will take home a prize will give you the motivation to practice this fishing adventure.

Jet skis and speedboats

These activities are ideal for speed lovers. Feel the wind fiercely brush your skin and ruffle your hair when sailing through the water at full speed. They are activities that you can do alone or with a partner, guaranteeing you a lot of fun. Try to make a pirouette over the water and let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline.


This 2019 don’t be afraid to awaken your wild side. Try any of these 4 adrenaline activities perfect for your list of New Year’s resolutions. If you have never tried them, they will surely make you discover something new about yourself. Have fun and test your skills in different adventures.