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5 activities for kids in Cancun

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Traveling to a destination like Cancun is exciting by itself! Especially, when thinking about all those activities that the area has to offer. Fun Is everywhere for you to live an exciting adventure. However, some of them might be a bit too extreme for the little ones. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about! Cancun is a destination that makes sure to have options for all its visitors, including kids! Find out below five activities for kids in Cancun:

1.- Ventura Park

Every kid has fun in a water park, that’s a guarantee. Now imagine if we add extra activities of pure adventure. That’s Ventura Park, an ideal place for the whole family. Experience, in the company of your kids, activities full of emotion such as: swimming with dolphins, water slides, zip lines, among many others. You will also have the comfortable option of eating inside the park in a delicious buffet restaurant. Ventura Park is excellent for spending a day with the kids outdoors.

2.- Interactive Aquarium

Plaza La Isla has one of the most special attractions in all of Cancun: the Interactive Aquarium. Here, both you and the kids will have the privilege of seeing several marine species such as: jellyfish, sea horses, fish of different sizes and colors, turtles and much more. In addition, what makes this place so special is that it allows you to interact with species such as starfishes and sea cucumbers. It even gives you the chance to enjoy the dolphin show or submerge yourself in a cage to feed the sharks. The kids will be amazed by everything they can do here.

3.- Ka’Yok Planetarium

The Ka’Yok Planetarium is an excellent place to discover what you didn’t know about the universe and the Mayan cosmology. An educational site of wonder and one of the favorite activities for kids in Cancun! The place has a quality observatory, the Water Museum, didactic classrooms, workshops, educational film functions, a botanical garden and eco-gardens, all working with the aim of making kids learn dynamically about the universe and its relation to the ancient Mayan civilization. The entrance to the planetarium is free, however, there may be some activities with an additional charge.

4.- Floating inflatable circuit

Let’s take advantage of the beautiful beaches of this Caribbean destination and add one of the kids’ favorite activities: the inflatables. Options like Aqua Bounce complement the Cancun paradise with slides, jumpers and various obstacles. Here, kids can have hours of fun in the sun, and taking a dip in the refreshing Caribbean Sea. This activity is not limited only to kids, you can also participate!

5.- A submarine ride

A submarine trip is, without a doubt, the perfect option to feed the curiosity of kids. Venture on an underwater excursion aboard the Subsee Explorer and discover an excellent way to get to know the underwater Caribbean world without getting wet. Definitely one of the best activities for kids in Cancun! These excursions are accompanied by a tour guide. He or she will be ready to explain in detail and in an entertaining way everything the kids want to know about fish and corals.


One of the best advantages of choosing Cancun as your destination is the vast choice of activities you can enjoy. As you can see, Mexico can be considered on the Top destinations to visit with kids, as you may find options for the whole family, where kids can experience the fun and wonders of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Stop worrying about leaving behind your little ones. Discover these fun activities perfect to spend quality time with them thanks to these activities for kids in Cancun!