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7 traditional dishes of the Dominican Republic you need to taste

traditional dish dominican republic

History, tradition, and culture of almost any country, come together in display through their gastronomy and culinary arts. Few countries can do this as well as the Islands of the Caribbean which share many similarities. In case you’re tired of asking for burgers everywhere you travel, here’s our pick of  7 traditional dishes of the Dominican Republic you need to taste on your next visit!

1. Bacalaito frito

Bacalaito (Codfish Fritters) is a small bite-size multipurpose dish. It may be presented as a sharing snack, or as a main dish, since its small size and delicious taste can be enjoyed by either a single person or the whole table. This deep-fried cod “pancakes” balance the taste of the sea with a subtle note of sweet and sour that surrounds the island’s heart and soul.

traditional dishes of Dominican Republic

2. Chimichurris

Not to be mistaken with the traditional Argentinian sauce, the Dominican Chimichurris is basically the island’s national sandwich. Similar to a cheeseburger in looks, but not really when it comes to taste. “Chimis” as they are commonly called, are found in virtually every corner. Every chimi stand has its own history and personal flavor, so we can’t build any misleading expectations, we can only guarantee you’ll need to try at least one to experience a truly Dominican tradition.

dominican republic food

3. Kipes

As a result of the eastern’s influence in gastronomy, the Kipe is a Caribbean version of the Kibbeh. Deep fried rolls with a crispy exterior and filled with a delicious meaty serving. The Dominican variation of this dish uses beef instead of mutton and is usually served with different sauces. These Kipes can be found around town or even at the beach. Be sure to add some spicy deliciousness to this traditional beauty.

traditional dish dominican republic

4. Pica Pollo:

The Pica Pollo is a traditional chicken dish that puts Colonel Sanders secret recipe to shame. Deep fried chicken served with lemon and spices, highlighting the Dominican oregano’s flavor. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this is a different type of fried chicken that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew.

5. Yaniqueques:

The Yaniqueque’s name is an evolution and tropicalization of the “Johnny Cakes” Afro-Caribbean immigrants introduced to the island in the 19th century. They consist in a crispy fritter that melts in your mouth and becomes curiously addictive. They are usually topped with salt, but some dare

to top them with sugar. However, you’ll find them in every corner of the Island but Dominican’s will always recommend those you’ll find on the beaches over any other stand.

6. Sancocho

Arguably, the “official Dominican Dish”. The Sancocho consists of a legume and variety of meats soup. The simple version will mix meat and sometimes chicken, however, a good deluxe Sancocho presents up to 7 varieties of meat from 4 different animals in a delicious mixture of flavors and textures. It’s all good protein for your body!

7. Tostones

One of the most popular traditional dishes of Dominican Republic. The Tostones are a must in the Dominican diet. This dish is very common all around the Island and in every Dominican household. You may find it as a main or side dish. It consists in a serving of fried green banana slices in a traditional Caribbean style that makes it, justifiably, one of the favorites.

traditional dominican republic food

Don’t miss any of these traditional dishes of Dominican Republic, and give yourself the chance to live a full on authentic Dominican experience!