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6 things you should know before traveling to Costa Rica

traveling to Costa Rica

Ready to experience the great outdoors like never before? Nature lovers, thrill enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, and relaxation experts, everyone has a place in Costa Rica. A perfect destination for those looking for fresh air and warm people, surrounded by astonishing landscapes in a serene environment. You’ve chosen wisely, now, here are 6 things you should know before traveling to Costa Rica.

Sloths are abundant, but not everywhere!

traveling to Costa Rica

Sloths in Costa Rica

It has come to our attention that sloths are a big deal for tourists traveling to Costa Rica. And who could blame them? Those little fellas are not only ridiculously cute, but their slow-easy lifestyle often makes us relate to them as our spirit animal. However, though most people get to take a picture with this sleepy animals, a few others feel disappointed as they never got to see one. Well, that’s because sloths are harder to find in some places than others. For example, in a dry climate like Guanacaste, it’s a lot harder to find a single sloth than it is in humid climates such as the South Pacific coast or the Caribbean. Make sure to ask your tour guide, a local, or google for the best places to watch sloths!

Even though it’s seen as a tropical destination, it can get pretty cold

traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is often seen as a tropical destination, and it would be fair to think so, as the beaches, vegetation, and general climate could define it as such. However, one must remember that Costa Rica is filled with microclimates and elevations. You can only get so high above the sea level before it starts getting pretty cold (especially at night) so it would be a good precaution to pack a couple warm coats for the occasion. You know what they say, better be safe than sorry!


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It might take a while to cover short distances, take precautions!

As small as Costa Rica may appear in the map, distances aren’t always equivalent to the time it actually takes to cover them. Don’t be too trustful of your GPS map, as you may (or may not) find yourself stuck behind a very slow moving trailer in a single lane highway for a couple miles. It is possible to road trip to Costa Rica, but you must be very careful to plan ahead and be ready for a few setbacks. All in all, isn’t that the nature of every road trip?

Wear sunscreen

It goes without saying, that sunscreen is a must in this and pretty much every other trip you make. Being an outdoor/nature destination, you are bound to spend a significant part of the day under the sun, and it is pretty tough up here. Getting sunburnt in the first few days will make the rest of your trip widely uncomfortable, so try to pack up some sunscreen or get one as soon as you reach Costa Rica. Oh, and we like to take good care of our environment so it’d be very much appreciated if you found biodegradable sunscreen!

Book with anticipation

Be it a hotel room, car rental, guided tour or whatever, try to book with anticipation. Peak season is not to be underestimated, and it would be a shame to have your activities interrupted by not taking this precaution. As we said before, Costa Rica has a place for everyone, but it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to have your place secured previously.

Watch the tides

Some of the beaches in Costa Rica (and dare I say the most attractive ones) become unreachable once the tide gets too high. This is not the case for every beach but only a few of the hidden beaches which you cannot miss. Advise yourself from one of the locals as to which beaches may have this issue, and if the tide allows it, don’t ever miss it!



You are ready now to experience Costa Rica and all it has to offer.