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5 tips to celebrate during the Mexican Independence

mexican independence

September is the National Month in Mexico, as it is on September 16th where the Mexican Independence is celebrated.  During this month, the streets are full of the colors of the Mexican flag. Traditional dishes and typical Mexican music are tasted and listened in every shop, house, and avenue. If you’re ucky enough to be visiting Mexico during this month, expect an extra dose of Mexican Fiesta!

If you don’t know what to do during this month, we share you 5 tips to celebrate the Mexican Independence:

The Food.

It is normal to make some dishes that, even if you taste during the whole year, they can’t miss on your table for this month. For example, “chiles en nogada”, this one is amazing because it’s decorated with the colors of the mexican flag! You need to eat “Pozole” in any of its types (Green, White or red).

Mexican Independence

The Flag.

Obviously, all the houses place a mexican flag as a decoration that express how the mexican people feel proud of their nationality! Every shop and public place gets a detail of this beautiful flag, which is a representative symbol of the mexican culture.

Mexican Independence

The Music.

There are a lot of rythms and types of mexican music, considering tha this is a big country with different regions. During september you will definitely listen regional traditional music, band groups from the north of the country, and the most famous… Mariachis! This melodies are listened in every place, restaurant, shop and house of the country. Don’t forget to prepare a good playlist for your party!

Pulque, tequila and mezcal.

If there is something essential of a party in the mexican national month… That is typical mexican drinks! Few things represent Mexico in the rest of the world such as Tequila! If you’re a brave person, we suggest you to taste mezcal.

Mexican Independence


This is a month perfect for having a party, and you have to celebrate it with the best attitude! Such as in Christmas, the mexican national month deserves a moment full of color and noises where all the friends and families reunite to conmemorate the country.

So, how will you celebrate in September?