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5 places to escape the cold weather

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Many times, the gray skies, cold weather and rainy days can become depressing. However, with spring just around the corner, it’s normal to want to look for warm climates and fun activities. In a world as diverse as the one we live in, it can be difficult to find the ideal destination. In spite of this, we have managed to reduce it to a top 5 of places that meet these characteristics. Keep reading and discover 5 places to escape the cold weather this 2019:

1.- Riviera Maya, Mexico

Travel to the coasts of southeastern Mexico and you’ll come across crystal clear waters, warm weather and exquisite food. Here, tourists from all over the world seek a common goal: to enjoy the best beaches in the Caribbean. The Riviera Maya is the perfect destination for lovers of ecotourism and extreme sports. Its touristic offer includes scuba diving and snorkeling in the second most important coral reef in the world. Escape the cold and get to know this true jewel of Mexico.

2.- Arenal, Costa Rica

Arenal is, without a doubt, the ideal destination for lovers of nature and adventure tourism. Let yourself be wrapped by its exuberant vegetation and tropical climate that’ll make you discover a biodiverse world without comparison. The activities you’ll find in Arenal will definitely put your interest in outdoor tours to the test. Go explore the volcano, the hot springs or practice rafting in nearby areas. Enjoy Arenal, Costa Rica and forget about the cold for a while.

3.- Havana, Cuba

Do you dare to know a site that seems stuck in time? This will be possible when you visit the old town of Havana, Cuba. Be impressed by the warm community of the island, as well as its excellent food and the best mojitos. Take some salsa lessons with which, despite your two left feet, you’ll achieve great moves. Make this trip a unique cultural experience in its class.

4.- Phuket, Thailand

Get ready to meet an exotic destination located in Southeast Asia. Phuket is famous for its beautiful beaches and its impressive ancient temples worthy of being the cover of a postcard. Delight yourself with the smells and flavors of its gastronomy and with the unparalleled beauty of its landscapes. Dare to know a new culture as rich as this one and escape the cold with its warm climate.

5.- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a destination known internationally for its iconic landscapes and imposing monuments. A perfect destination to escape the cold weather. Surround yourself by the vibrant happiness of one of Brazil’s most important cities. Meet the home of the famous Brazilian carnival and other important parties that will bring out your party side. Enjoy music, food, and drinks that are only a small part of this warm Brazilian community.


These were just some of the destinations you can visit to escape the cold weather and have a great time. Forget about low temperatures and wrap your vacation around fun outdoor activities. Visit the destinations mentioned here or dare to discover new ones. No doubt you will find wonderful places that will make you live fantastic experiences.