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5 amazing things to do in Summer in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a place of evergreen nature and lively culture. There are so many things to do in summer in Costa Rica, from relaxing downtown strolls to adventurous volcano expeditions. A destination that has proven suitable for everyone as its multiculturality and biodiversity embraces not only the younger adrenaline seekers who’ll be euphoric as the raft through the rapids but also those looking for simple relaxation are certain to find it in its paradisiac and almost deserted beaches. Either if you identify yourself with the first or second group we mentioned, you’ll find a suitable activity for you in this list!

Things to do in summer in Costa Rica:

Walk through the hanging bridges

The Hanging Bridges of Arenal consist in a system of 15 bridges which range from 5 to 100 meters long suspended over the verdant jungle and rainforest at the feet of the Arenal volcano. A unique way of approaching nature, set between unforeseen and unparalleled views of natural beauty. The greatest display of coexistence between human and environment in the responsible way of traveling that characterizes Costa Rica.


Revitalize in Tabacon Hot Springs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, no words can describe the unfathomable beauty of the Hot Springs in Tabacon. A place of complete relaxation where we can easily understand what “Pura Vida” truly means. It’s not only the destination but the whole hike to get there is a true delight. Then, when you’re actually getting a little tired from all the walking, you’ll find these natural pools waiting for you to jump in and find new life in their beauty.


Feel the adrenaline in Pacuare White Water Rafting

The astonishing beauty of the Pacuare River surrounding the Talamanca Mountain Range goes from the abundance of the rainforest in it’s wildest colors to the fantastic wildlife, singing parrots, opulent toucans, and exotic jaguars. A display of life surrounding the warm waters of the river as you find the quickest way down in an exciting raft trip.


Surfing in Guanacaste

A surfing paradise for the enthusiasts of this sport, or for those that are trying to immerse in this world. Find the beach that best suits your experience level and shreds the waves like you always dreamed of. A tropical environment perfect for the occasion awaits you, so grab your board, pack your bags and head for Guanacaste on your next vacation.

Enter the culture of San José

As one of the most important cities in all of Costa Rica, San José is filled with places of interest, cultural spreading, and architectural masterpieces. Many tours offer guided explorations of the city, where you’ll save time and meet the culture of this historic city, or simply walk around the town finding the spots that most call for your attention. A different side of Costa Rica that must be met in order to understand this country’s lifestyle and beliefs.


Now that you’ve chosen your destination and know what to do and where to go, it’s time to head for Costa Rica and live a “Pura Vida” experience in this outstanding country!