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4 reasons why swimming with whale sharks in Cancun is a life-changing experience

swimming with whale sharks in cancun olympus

Have you ever lived an experience so intensely beautiful you come out feeling a different person? Few moments in life can really reminisce this way, and it’s hard to know it as you’re living it. Usually, we only realize this looking back. That’s how I felt when I went swimming with whale sharks in Cancun. Sounds weird, I know, but reliving this memory has made me realize how important the lessons I learned have been to my whole life. Stay with me, let me talk to you about 4 reasons why swimming with whale sharks in Cancun is a life-changing experience.

Enjoying the journey

We were hopping on to a small boat very early in the morning and my head wasn’t fully awake at the time. As any grumpy, not very “morning-person”, all I wanted at the moment was a cup of coffee and having it all be over soon. We made way through the waves as the dawn came upon us. The cold splashes of the water landing all over my face as we sailed through the Caribbean coast were more effective at waking me up than any cup of coffee could ever be.

As the sunrise tenderly colored the sky, and the sea revealed it’s a million shades of blue, we arrived at the whale shark site. My jaw dropped in awe as such beauty could only ever be imagined. I found out how much there is to see when you stop and look around. Only then, I realized, the tour could finish there and I would be more than satisfied. I know not every “figurative” journey in my life will be as gorgeously surrounded as this one. I learned there’s always beauty hidden along the way, and we’re so worried about the destination, we tend to miss it.

Living in the moment 

swimming with whale sharks in Cancun

Once we reached the whale shark site, we took turns to hop into the water with these gentle beasts. This way, they don’t feel threatened and you get to live an authentic up-close experience. I have to clear up first, that I’m not a very adventurous person, so I was a bit nervous even though I was told these animals are harmless. When my turn came up, I had no choice but to count to three and jump into the water. I had no time to be afraid, and once I reached the water I realized there was no reason to be so.

Either that or I was too focused on my breathing, which happens to be a great exercise of meditation. Making my way through the water one breath at a time, I found the value of an instant and how the present is constantly becoming the past. Every breath, every step, every blink of an eye is part of a process and it must be appreciated.

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We tend to think we’re the biggest thing in the universe, but we don’t realize is that we’re not the biggest thing on this planet. It’s pretty obvious when you’re talking literally, but when you put it in a metaphorical perspective. That’s what you get: perspective. My case, for example, I was so nervous that I made myself believe this harmless creature would go out of its senses as soon as I reached the water. I didn’t realize how unaware of my existence this whale shark would be. It did not care about me, or anyone in that boat. No matter how important we thought we were, this plankton-eating wonder made me realize how tiny we really are and much more world there is to explore outside of our routine.

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Discover a new world

swimming with whale sharks in Cancun

Swimming with whale sharks in Cancun

Did you know that to this date, less than 5 percent of the world’s oceans have been discovered? Considering oceans cover over 70 percent of the world’s surface, it’s safe to say, there’s a lot that remains unseen. And while we’re probably not going to discover a new section of the ocean by snorkeling with whale sharks. We’re definitely going to have our eyes opened to a whole new world of life and colors. Underwater, nature works in a different way.

Colors surround us and life is constantly finding a new path to amaze us. In times like these, there’s nothing like sharing the underwater ecosystems with their natural inhabitants to learn why it is so important to take good care of them. Our oceans need us as much as we need them, and truly experiencing them in depth gives us a new perspective of their value to life itself.

In conclusion, this experience was not only insanely fun and beautiful but also a learning event. There are many places to go swimming with whale sharks in Cancun, but here’s a link to the tour I took, which I highly recommend.